Turnkey & Design-Build

The benefits of a design-build partnership are marvellous. Refined construction documents, constructability reviews and limited information in the field are all advantages of this alliance, which also brings a true team mentality to the entire project.



With clients drawn from the private and public sectors, we are selected for our expertise in areas including design, engineering, and construction management services. Flexibility, knowledge driven and skilled in providing creative solutions for problem solving is our key strengths in answering the demands of the design, engineering and construction in water infrastructure works. Our experience provides a holistic approach with a thorough understanding of issues including shifting customer bases, growing operational demands, changing regulatory requirements and the need to balance both short and long-term objectives.

As a single-source provider, we bring a level of continuity, accountability and consistency to managing projects that is simply not possible with the multi-sources basis. Everything we do, we focused on delivering results that exceed your expectations.

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